Scouting is an essential part of any IPM program and if you lack your own scout, one of our trained and experienced scouts can come to your farms. The scouts tailor their services to the specific needs of your farm and can do anywhere from one row every other house to every other row in the whole range. While walking or riding a cart the scout is looking for key signs of pest and disease presence and also checks many seemingly healthy and/or normal leaves. Once complete, the scout makes a map of the farm outlining the pests and diseases they found, where they found it and how severe it is. This map is an excellent tool for crop observers, IPM specialists, growers and owners to use to fine tune the IPM program and assess the whole farms situation. Scouting can also help save money on your IPM program by helping to identify problem areas earlier. Therefore, biological control agents can be applied sooner and in lower quantities. Our scouts are also trained in the application of biological control agents. To save some time scouts can be given product paid for by the farm and actually treat the spots they found as they are scouting. This can save on labour costs for many facilities as they only need one person to go through the whole crop one time. This can also help to ensure that the biologicals are being applied properly, increasing the efficacy and potential of the agents being purchased.