Harper government invests in biocontrol research for Canada’s Greenhouse sector

Mar 27, 2015 (source:farms.com & AAFC)

Vineland Station, Ontario – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)
Member of Parliament Dean Allison, on behalf of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, announced today an investment of $143,260 to the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre to conduct research into improving the use of biological controls for pest and disease management for the Canadian greenhouse sector.

Tapping the ‘plant microbiome’ to improve farming and plant health

January 23 2015,   (www.theconversation.com)
Plant Health-

People are increasingly aware of the link between the trillions of microbes that live within our bodies and human health. Studies have found that a healthy population of bacteria, or a microbiome, in a person can prevent food allergies and even treat depression.

Fungus May Save Crops from Disease and Global Warming

By Niina Heikkinen and ClimateWire | February 17, 2015
Plant Health
Credit: Wikipedia

As scientists seek to make crops resilient against disease and the effects of climate change, they are turning to what may seem like an unlikely champion: fungi.

Determining the better thrips predator

December 2, 2014   (ANBP)

The effect of seasonal variability on predatory mites in ornamental greenhouse IPM

Engineer Sees Big Possibilities in Micro-robots, Including Programmable Bees

December 3, 2014   (National Geographic)
Photograph by Kat Keene Hogue

Take RoboBees, colonies of autonomous flying micro-robots that Wood's team has been developing for years. He says that they could one day perform search-and-rescue expeditions, scout hazardous environments, gather scientific field data, even help pollinate crops.

Why Tiny Microbes Mean Big Things for Farming

December 3, 2014   (National Geographic)
Photograph by Dave Bevan, Alamy

The soil-dwelling bacteria that we walk on every day are working their way into technologies that could help feed the world.

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