Customers talk:

We found Crop Defenders to be very dedicated, committed and above all else, honest. We have been able to significantly reduce spidermite infestation at our greenhouse through the use of fresh biological products and quality service. We are highly satisfied with the results and strongly recommend Crop Defenders to other greenhouse growers.

-Hardeep Singh, Singh Greenhouses

Since we’ve been using Crop Defenders, we changed our strategies and bio program. With the use of your fresh and very active persimilis we have had much better results in controlling pests issues which has increased our yield.

-Curtis Williams, East Side Acres

With the fresh biologicals of Crop Defenders we controlled white flies and avoided chemicals completely for the last three years.

-Gerry Mastronardi, TG&G Farms

With Crop Defenders expertise, hot spot treatment and uniquely fresh biological products, I have reduced my pest management cost by more than half at my cucumber farm. I strongly recommend Crop Defenders to other growers

-Tony Gaultieri, Gaultieri Farms

The one thing I like about Crop Defenders is their next day delivery service during the week when we need it

-Rob Hansen, Erie View Acres

With the unique freshness of Crop Defenders products and strategies, we controlled the chronic spider mite problem. We are very satisfied for first time users.

-Estela Ortiz, Jem Farms

Crop Defenders strategies and unique fresh products enabled us to control chronic thrips infestation at our tomato farm without using chemicals. We have since kept the services of Crop Defenders and we recommend them to other growers

-Jason D’Almonte, CRC Farms

We are a repeat customer of Crop Defender because of their timely delivery of services and highly skilled workers. They helped us in reducing chemical applications. Crop Defenders is like family to us

-Corey Versnel, Versnel Farms

We had so bad spider mite that our farm was nicknamed “spider mite farm”. With Crop Defenders distinguished fresh products, highly specialized scouting, hot spot treatment, our farm is now clean of spider mites. Crop Defenders service exceeded our expectation

-Abe Klassen, Fresh Pack Farms

“We have been struggling with high population of thrips for several years and with the help and advice from Crop Defenders, we have gone from very high populations to almost negligible. I would highly recommend Crop Defenders to any cucumber growers.”

-Sandra Hinkley, Alway Fresh Greenhouses