About Us

Crop Defenders Ltd is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation Bio-Control Company that was established in 2007. We are the fastest growing bio-control company in North America and located in Leamington (Ontario), tomato capital of Canada, where the largest concentration of greenhouse industries is in North America. We provide eco-safe integrated pest management (IPM) solutions for horticulture industry including beneficial insects, predatory mites and beneficial nematodes. Moreover, we have a number of bio-pesticides in registration process. We have an in house R&D, repackaging and quality control facilities at our main operations. We are furthering our cause in agriculture and landscape industries in Canada. At this time we are only active in Canada and have had great success. And we are looking to expand and provide great success internationally. We are currently working with and distributing for several suppliers worldwide and have export or joint venture set up with them. We are seeking opportunities to see what countries would fit into our business plan and what would be the ideal ways to enter a country. We are currently in process of expanding into United States and Mexico. We are gearing towards a franchising distribution or commission based set up in the target markets depend on what would work best in each country. Our goal is to provide eco-friendly products and services for plant protection.